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The biggest problem on the Internet is privacy in recent days. After the scandal of Cambridge Antaletica, consumers have increased awareness about this. Facebook has been getting a lot of investigation for several months. Users believe their location, their interests and conversations are not very private. The fact is that they use Facebook and Google users to show advertisements.

That’s why interest in Google and Facebook users’ data. Now it has also been revealed that both companies are deceiving users’ data. Both companies show that they have disabled the locality, but secretly Google and Facebook are collecting data from both users. The courtesy of a trial filed against Facebook ¬†shows that the user has also disclosed the locality data if users have disabled the locality history in app settings.   The company shows that it has been achieved on the basis of targeting estimates and its source is the IP Address and Local WiFi data of the Safari. If you also want to see what data your facebook collects, it is not difficult to know. For this, Setteing again will have to click Download Your Information. Hidden folders present in this downloaded data indicate what Facebook is collecting your data. In response to this case, Facebook says that whatever data he collects, it has been described in “Data Policy”, so the company has no legal license.

There is also a case on Google. When Google users turn off their Location History from the Google Activity page, a popup appears, which is told that disabling the settings will not be able to get the benefits of the location history, such as the proposed way, etc. This apparently appears that Google will not collect your locality history data but when you go to Activity Controls and check the Web & App Activity section, here are the information available for your current location. Then you also have to disable the location history here. The case has been filed on Google has been accused of disabling the locality history from one place to collect information from Google Web & App Activity. Google has been charged that this movement of Google is against California’s privacy laws