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Anemia is a condition where the number of red blood cells ( the amount of haemoglobin ) is below normal. Normal level for men: 13.5g/dl to 17.5g/dl and for women: 12.0g/dl to 15.5g/ dl. Anemia are caused by excessive loss of blood ( severe bleeding, injuries, trauma, heavy menses, excessive bleeding during delivery. Lack of nutrients especially the iron deficiency ( a decrease in the red blood cell production, vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acids. Immature red blood cells ( sickle cell anemia ) Excessive destruction of red blood cells.

The signs and symptoms of anemia are easy fatigue and loss of energy, unusually rapid heartbeat rate, shortness breath and headache particularly with exercises, difficulty in concentrating, dizziness, pale skin, leg cramps, insomnia. But it can be cured by consulting your doctor or chemist who would advised and prescribed to you some medicines and supplements to boost up the haemoglobin level. And the in take of food rich in iron also are advised.