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Mobile Phone Signal Radiation Effect on human Body - Web Development Agency
Mobile Phone Signal Radiation Effect on human Body

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Health, LifeStyle, Technology | 0 comments

Electromagnetic field is not a new trend. During the 20th century man made electromagnetic field now this increase to convert in advance technologies and change the social and cultural changes in human. Now every ware   home appliance essential need for human like communication devices that convert world in global village.

Electromagnetic radiation is two types which include ionizing like x-ray and non- ionizing like radio frequency radiation. Electromagnetic frequency measuring unit is called hertz (Hz). Cell phones have a form of non – ionizing radiation that called radio frequency radiation from their antenna. Near the body part of the cell phone antenna absorbed radiation energy. There some effects on human body. Sleep Disorder Headache   Memory loss  Depression  Cancer



Due to the low frequency electromagnetic field and increase the use of mobile phone make a major cause of headache pain. Mostly mobile phone near the brain during the call and High electromagnetic waves arise that effect on brain cells.

 Breast cancer

Breast cancer that appear in the tissues of breast. Evidence is mounting that prolonged exposure to radiation from cell phones carried on the body can lead to breast and other cancers. Breast cancer most common type is ductal carcinomia which start in the lining of milk ducts.

Brain Effects

Electromagnetic field low frequency radiation effect on nervous tissue.  Extensive studies have been carried out to detect some effects of mobile phone radiation on the integrity of the blood brain barrier.

Male Reproductive system

A recent study shows that mobile radiation effect on male reproduction organ which produce sperm. When during the call cell phone near the testes it damage sperm cell. First increase average rate of birth disabilities in child.

Damages Hearing

In simple words, the wireless connectivity required for cell phone use actually damages the hearing mechanism, making a bad situation worse. Cases of people with tinnitus worsen with the use of cell phones.